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Are you searching for a well-paying job but don’t really know how to go about it?

Or perhaps you are working in a firm but not satisfied with the pay package and would welcome a better alternative?

Are you a fresh graduate looking for a well-paying job or you have been job-hunting for years without any reasonable success?

Are you scared and worried that upon graduating you won’t be able to get a job as the unemployment rate is giving you sleepless nights, or you are worried you might lose your present job?

Are you totally clueless about what an interview entails?


Well, Don't Give Up Just Yet...

You Are Not The Problem.

The Problem Is That The Educational SYSTEM Has Been So Designed To Make Securing Gainful Employment Difficult.

If it makes you happy, know that the inability to get a well-paying job is not your fault.

The system has failed you.

The system, which comprises the government and its educational structure has failed and is responsible for all your WOES and troubles in securing gainful employment….

And The Government Don’t REALLY Care If You Get A Good Job Or Not…. Even If They Pretend To Care!

As A Matter Of Fact, The More You Lack, The Better They Can Control You.

Problem #1

Undergraduates And Graduates Are NEVER Taught About Job Interviewing While In School

While the educational infrastructure has been built to train and teach undergraduates on the respective field of studies, there seems to be no provision whatever to cater for what awaits almost all students in future……

Which is job interviewing.

They are not taught on what to expect in the corporate world or of corporate ethics skills.

This is supposed to be a key part of the educational curriculum, but sadly it has not been included making the average student half-baked and totally ignorant of what to expect during interviews.

job interviewing strategies 2

Problem #2

The System Makes You Believe That All That Is Needed Are Good Grades And You Will Get A Good Job.

The system – both lecturers, the government and even loved ones lay so much emphasis on good grades without considering interview adcorporate ethics skills.

What the educational system ends up producing are class room intelligent student who often lacks the needed information and ruggedness to survive in the interview room….as companies in this 21st century demand more than paper qualification.

They need more as they are now the corporate Oliver Twist.


Problem #3

There Are Fewer Job Opportunities Making The Competition And Rivalry Really Tough

Let’s not paint a rosy picture here. Well-paying jobs are scarce.

Though there are loads of jobs all around, the ones that will pay you well often comes with loads of competition from oftentimes more qualified candidates.

Hence the need for SOLID information on how to beat your rival and get a flood load of job invitations from well-paying firms.

few available job opportunities

Problem #4

Job Seekers Are Made To Believe That You Need A Godfather To Secure Well-Paying Jobs

Job hunters are made to believe that to secure a well-paying job, you need someone in high places; like a Godfather figure.

While Godfather figures do exist, getting a well-paying job doesn’t rely in most of the cases on who you know.

There are some kinds of jobs that God Fathers can’t give you.

What you actually need is the ability to enter the interviewers mind, and give them exactly what they need to give you the job.

job interviewing (2)

As If The Problems Were Not Enough, 1000s Of Workers Lost Their Jobs During The Covid-19 Crisis In Nigeria.....

With The Most Hit Being The Small Business Firms And Oil Sector.

Infact, below are some BAD news from Authority Figures and the GOVERNMENT itself….

Job Cuts Displace Workers

Employers in different sectors of the economy have disengaged workers to mitigate the negative effect of coronavirus pandemic on their ventures.

Daily Trust’s findings show that most sectors of the economy are affected apart from those driven by technology.

Reports from across the country revealed that workers have been disengaged from aviation, hospitality, banking, construction, manufacturing, media and sales and services sectors.


access bank sacks staff

Nigeria’s Access Bank to Cut Staff Salaries to Avoid Job Losses

Access Bank Plc plans to cut salaries to avoid job losses as a lockdown to contain the coronavirus hampers the operations of Nigeria’s biggest lender, according to people with direct knowledge of the matter.


Those Who Were Fortunate Enough Not To Lose Their Jobs Had Their Salary Slashed Up To 60% Salary Cut!

Welcome To The Harsh REALITY Of Job Hunting...

The Global Labor Market Right Now Is Like A River Invested With Crocodiles, And Until You Learn How To Live Like A Crocodile, You Cannot Survive.

This Is Scary News And Need For Concern For Both Job Seekers And The Employed.

jobless and worried

Anyways, I Have Good News For You!

You Can Still Land Well-Paying Jobs FAST & EASY As Long As You Have Access To The Closely GUARDED And HIDDEN SECRETS..........

Used By Recruiting Officers, Hiring Managers, & Consulting Firms In Employing Job Seekers!

This Is The VIDEO TRAINING Package That Finally REVEALS Everything You NEED To Land Your Dream Job.....FAST!

You see, 100s of job hunters and undergraduates have used these same HIDDEN and CLOSE GUARDED Secrets to secure juicy and well-paying jobs and Industrial Training opportunities for themselves.

These secrets plain works……and they are not taught in the 4-Walls of the classroom.

How A Civil Engineering Graduate Who Has Been Jobless For 5 Years Used Some Of The Secrets To Secure A Well-Paying Job.

In 2007, I happen to share of some of these secrets to a Civil Engineering graduate, who has already completed his NYSC and has been job hunting for 5 years…. without and worthwhile opportunity.

Let’s call him John.

When I visited John’s family house in Warri, he was all bitter and complaining; having been job hunting for years without any good offers.

Knowing that I offer Career Caching, he used the opportunity to ask for help.

Being a family friend, I obliged.

I asked for his and read through.  He was a Second-Class Upper student, and from a Prestigious Private University; and yet no job.

However, I could tell what the issues were. He had absolutely been doing the job search the wrong way.

I shared a few job hunting secrets with him,  and asked him to leave the comforts of his family house and go stay in the city where he likes to work which happened to be Port Harcourt.

Just 3 Months later, with the HIDDEN SECRETS I revealed to him, he was able to secure a well-paying job with an Oil Servicing Firm.

This works……RERIOD!
As long as you follow what is REVEALED in this Video Training Package.

So, What Did He Do Right This Time To Land The Well-Paying Job After Many Years Of Struggling And Desperation?

The Concept Is So SIMPLE But I Won't Reveal It Here.

This Is Not Information I Will Share With Just Any Job Seeker. Its Only For Those Who Are Really Really Serious About Their Career And Want To Secure Better Employment Opportunities.

But Note That It Has Nothing To Do With Any Of The Following:

Getting A Well-Paying Job In This Post Covid-19 Era Entails Far More Than Any Of The Above, And Really Quite Easy.

Once You Watch This VIDEO Training, Your Eyes Will Become Open As If You Ate The Proverbial Apple Of Knowledge.

The Information In This Video Training Literally Forces The Person Conducting The Job Interview To Clearly Picture You FILLING THE POSITION.

The information in this video training compels the employer to VISUALIZE you being hired and coming to work on Monday as THE new employee.

It will not be uncommon for a job seeker using the information from this training package to be hired on the spot OR at the end of a job interview.

The moment you go through the video training and the added eBook package, the interview naturally and automatically shifts in an entirely new direction.

The energy and communication now become 100% focused on PICTURING YOU filling the position being offered.

You Will Instantly Surge To The Top Of The "Must Hire List" Because In The Eyes Of The Interviewer The 'Coded Knowledge' Immediately Places You In A Highly-Unique Position Compared To All The Other Applicants.

YOU are naturally and seriously considered for any position you interview for. YOU become the center of attention.

The Strongest CV Or Resume Won't Get You The Job; The 'Coded Knowledge' Gotten From This Video Training Can

So, What Can This Video Training Package Do For YOUR Job Search?

job interview video training package

Does It Sound Too Good?

It Can Actually Get Even Better!

Now, For The First Time Ever, You Can Now Get IMMEDIATE ACCESS To The Video Training Package That Reveals 'Coded Secrets' That Makes Your Job Search And Interviews SUPER EASY!


'A – Z of Job Interviews for Local and Overseas Job Seekers'

‘Coded Secrets’ To Land Any Job You Desire In The Shortest Time Guaranteed.

Just imagine companies like Shell, Chevron, Schlumberger, MTN, Glo, NNPC, CBN, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and the likes all hustling to retain your services; not because you are a First-Class material, but because you have certain skill sets and qualities that they need……these “Coded Secrets” are all revealed in this video training.

Whether you are interviewing for a secondary school job as a teacher, fast food joint as a waiter, or for the vice president of a multinational firm, you need to ask yourself this question:

Why In The World Should This Company Hire ME Over All The Other Applicants?

Well, Depending On Any Of The Above Doesn’t Work Anymore.

Not In This Era.

Almost Every Other Job Seeker Is Doing Just That.

So, Putting On A Suit, Wearing A Great Smile And Shaking Hands The Right Way Is Not Enough Anymore To Secure You A Gainful Employment Opportunity, Whether In Nigeria Or Overseas.

These Are Very Important And Timely Questions.

You See, Landing Your Dream Job Has Nothing To Do With Memorizing Fifty Of The Most Popular Interview Questions From That "Job Interview" Book You Downloaded Online.

Everyone Prepares For The Job Interview This Way.

You'll ALWAYS be on the same level with other job seekers at best, when you prepare for interviews that way; and you will be thinking you are WELL prepared not knowing you are way off mark.

The "Million Dollar Question" Remains The Same:

"How can I RISE above all the other applicants once I get called for an job interview?"


This Is Where....

'A – Z of Job Interviews for Local and Overseas Job Seekers'

Video Training Package Comes Into Play.


Total Value > 150,000 Naira

Regular Price – 45,000 Naira

Today’s Price = 15,000 Naira

paystack payment

Our Students Love Our Program:

Here Are Some Testimonials From Some Of Our Clients...

I was lucky to lay my hands on the A – Z of Job interviews as I was rounding up my NYSC way back in Awka, where I served. Applying the strategies, I learnt from the training, I approached my boss at my place of primary assignment. The rest is history. I not only secured an appointment, but am the Head of Departments right now at the Technological Firm…. all I can say is that you will find immerse value in this package, whether you are already working or jobless at the moment.
osahon 2
Osahon Agbonghae
HOD, ELDI (Electronics Development Institute), Awka
As a law student in my final year, I was totally clueless on what is obtainable in the job interview, and corporate arena. The A – Z of job interview training I had was an eye opening as it ushered me into what it takes to excel in various areas of my career. It not only helped me with securing an opportunity fast, but negotiation skills and packaging are some of my takeaway as well. Just get this training right now!
efeoghene 2
Blessing Efeoghene
Senior Associate, The Law Zoomers Chambers
I got an invitation for an interview at INNOSON and FRSN. Fortunately, I got a copy of A – Z of Job Interviews package. I went through it diligently before my interview, especially on the area of physical packaging and common job interview questions. Not meaning to exaggerate, I smashed the interviews and got an appointment from both firms. I decided to go with FRSN as it’s a Federal job. If you need to fast track your job hunt, then get this now!
onochie henry
Henry Onochie
Senior Engineer, FRSN, Abuja
I learnt of trainings that the MegaRich company were holding on Job Awareness Skills in other institutions, so I invited them to hold similar trainings for the university with approval from the Vice Chancellor. It was one of the best decisions I ever made, and the greatest impact I was a part of in delivering to the students of UNIJOS. The training equipped students with all that’s needed to secure gainful employment, as well as other online business skills….
Comr. Luka Samson
Former SUG President, Unijos
The training on Job Interview skills was held for the students of my school as a way of acquainting them with what was obtaining in the corporate world. All I can say is that the MegaRich Consults team overdelivered. The students learnt a lot, and I learnt too, especially in the area of packaging professional CVs, and the main interview sessions. With the skills learnt, my student found it easier securing opportunities. I think they are doing a great job that similar companies wouldn’t do at same price…
mrs ajala dean
Mrs. Ajala Bolanle
Former Dean, Directorate of Students Affairs, EDEPOLY
I was still a student at the UNIZIK when I got to work briefly with Mr. Daniel Ogbeifun…..in a training on job interviewing skills. I learnt a lot on interviewing strategies. Confidently, I went for an interview in a Logistics firm in Port Harcourt…….I got the job, and was working and schooling at same time. After my NYSC, I interviewed in an oil servicing firm, and landed the job as well. All these were possible through the training I got…..Now, I own a Fashion House.
Blessing Zeribe
Business Owner, FaSHION hOUE

"But sir, wait a minute! This sounds almost hard to believe but I'll admit you've got me excited.

I have two questions I'm sure you hear quite often"

Great Questions.

Easy Answer!

Right now, in Nigeria, the number of persons in the economically active or working-age population (15 – 64 years of age) from survey taken as at the second quarters of 2020 was 116,871,186.

That’s approximately 117Million!

Now, 1percent of 117Million people would be 1.17Million.

Assuming 1.17 million people got the ‘A – Z of Job Interviews for Local and Overseas Job Seekers’ combo package, there would be a ONE PERCENT CHANCE (1 out of 100) a competitor of yours would be using the ‘Coded Secrets’ to beat you out of the job!

Remember, that’s *IF* a 1.17 million people owned the ‘A – Z of Job Interviews for Local and Overseas Job Seekers’ system!

Newsflash: That will NEVER happen in this lifetime or any other.

So what do these numbers mean to YOU?

It means the chances that one of your competitors will be using my ‘A – Z of Job Interviews for Local and Overseas Job Seekers’ system in your marketplace will ALWAYS be so tiny you have a better chance of finding a needle in a haystack or being struck by lightning twice! 

There are literally HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of career-related websites on the Internet.

99.9% of all job seekers will never visit this website. They will never have the chance to use the ‘A – Z of Job Interviews for Local and Overseas Job Seekers’ system for their job search.

Thank your lucky stars you landed here today. You have a rare opportunity that most job seekers will never discover.

Originally, we were going to offer “A – Z of Job Interviews for Local and Overseas Job Seekers” as a home study course that we’d ship in a fancy big box right to your front door. This was priced at N50, 000 plus N3000 shipping and handling for a total of N53, 000.

We plan on testing this next year and when we do that’s exactly what the price it will be.

However, I had another idea I wanted to test first.

I got to thinking, what if we offered the entire “A – Z of Job Interviews for Local and Overseas Job Seekers” system as an instant download to start off with? 

Then we could ‘digitally deliver’ everything in the form of Video and PDF file (e-book). Plus, you would have instant access to everything from our members-only website immediately after your order was processed.

Guess what?

That’s exactly what we’ve chosen to do for now. I cannot guarantee how long we will be offering this as a digital product, but it is available to you in this format right now.

So instead of paying N50, 000 plus N3,000 for shipping and handling, the cost to you is a one-time payment of N15,000 which works out to a little less than N42 a day for a year.

If you’re looking for a bargain or ‘deal’ take comfort in knowing this: You will never see a lower price for “A – Z of Job Interviews for Local and Overseas Job Seekers” than N15, 000.

And you will see it priced much higher shortly.

Smart companies always test their lowest prices first before raising them. That’s exactly what we’ve done here.

We realize this is not for everyone. We created “ A – Z of Job Interviews for Local and Overseas Job Seekers” for the serious job seeker looking for breakthrough results. And with that said, maybe you will order right now without hesitation. Or, maybe you’ll leave thinking it’s too expensive.

Perhaps like others, you might actually be thrilled “ A – Z of Job Interviews for Local and Overseas Job Seekers” is priced reasonably well to keep your competition from ordering. (We’ve already had several comments to this effect.)

If you’re like most of our customers, you will think long and hard before making this investment.

I understand.

And I have a question to ask you.

How much money would you be willing to spend right now if you could actually PURCHASE the job of your dreams today?

Read this question again carefully and try to come up with an actual number.

Would you be willing to spend more than N15,000?

Perhaps you’re willing to spend N500,000, N1million, N2million or more?

Maybe you’d even ‘max out’ one of your credit cards knowing you could easily pay it off as you started receiving paychecks from your new job?

I ask you this question because if you’ll stop and think about it for a moment, you’ll realize this is precisely what I’m offering you today.

How to “purchase” the job of your dreams for N15, 000.

For every day that passes by your job search is costing you money.

The only question is how much?

I can make an argument stronger than Zuma Rock that by NOT ordering the “ A – Z of Job Interviews for Local and Overseas Job Seekers ” system, your job search will eventually cost you much more than N15, 000 with no guarantee of ever landing anything.

And let’s say you’re hired for a fantastic higher-paying job right away using “A – Z of Job Interviews for Local and Overseas Job Seekers” training package with all its Coded Secrets: Did it end up costing you money? No, it actually made you a lot of money.

It’s an investment in your career with the potential for a huge payoff with no financial risk to you whatsoever.

The bottom line is that your job search takes time. Time is money. How much time and money will you spend searching for better employment? Will you land a great job next week? Or, will your job search cause you more stress and frustration dragging on for months and months?

When you finally land that "dream interview" will you have what it takes to land that "dream job"?

WHY should they hire you?

You have this opportunity right now. If you'd like to take full control of your job search and are truly sick and tired of playing the job search "lotto" game, then:

"A – Z of Job Interviews for Local and Overseas Job Seekers"

is the answer.


But, Why Should You Listen To Me....Or Even Believe Anything Have Been Saying?

My name is Daniel Ogbeifun, Lead Consultant at MegaRich Networks and Consults LTD, a Career Consulting and Human Resource development firm.

Together, myself and my team have trained more then 30, 000 students and graduates on Job Interview strategies and corporate ethic skills in tertiary institutions spread across the country.

We have also trained staff of corporate organizations in Nigeria, and we are responsible for 1000s of senior staff and executives who have secured opportunities and top positions in firms through our trainings.

Together, we have about 30 years experience in the industry; having personally been in the industry for more than 15 years myself.

If there is one thing that I and my team have seen constantly, is that many are not aware or trained on what to expect in corporate settings, especially during the job interview sessions.

We hope to correct that with this training, as same have benefited 1000s of our clients in Nigeria and beyond.

This training is packed full of actionable strategies and information and I sincerely believe that you wont go wrong with this one.


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Please do not be surprised if you return to this page and find the price has more than doubled.

This will happen when we offer “ A – Z of Job Interviews for Local and Overseas Job Seekers” as a ‘print’ home study course for N50, 000 plus N3, 000 shipping and handling. Right now, “A – Z of Job Interviews for Local and Overseas Job Seekers” is being offered in digital format. You’ll have instant access to everything at our members-only website for a one-time payment of N15, 000. This is the lowest price “ A – Z of Job Interviews for Local and Overseas Job Seekers” will ever be offered for.

P.P.S – Quickly and Easily Download A – Z of Job Interviews for Local and Overseas Job Seekers to your computer.

Watch and read the ebook, and review the step-by-step formula. Use “ A – Z of Job Interviews for Local and Overseas Job Seekers” for the rest of your career. And keep in mind that your investment here today is a business purchase to help with your job search. I think you’ll agree, it’s a fantastic benefit.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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