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We help make your online marketing dream get massive positive returns with our solid products that you can use, and also market and earn.

What We're All About

In summary, we are all about helping you with the trainings and resources to take your business to the next level by assisting you and your customers to make more money online, both as an Affiliate marketing our pruducts or as a user of our products.

Here, you will find ALL you will need to make your online business and digital marketing a dream come true.

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Take Those Baby Steps Today

Great things springs from little beginnings.  Until you learn the art of taking little beginner steps, you will always remain in the same positions.

Lets work together and help you make more money with your business.

When you are happy, we are also happy. Kickstart today by registering for our affiliate program and start promoting quality products to your list. They will thank you for it, as we have got HIGH on-demand video trainings and resources.

Affiliate Meets is here to stay!

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Our Vision

Who We Are

"Great things springs from little beginnings.  Until you learn the art of taking little beginner steps, you will always remain in the same positions.."

Affiliate Meets is a product of MegaRich Networks and Consults LTD, a Resource Development and Consulting firm.

We have been holding trainings and seminars on Digital Marketing for students and corpers nationwide in various citadels of learning, with our trainings and seminars attracting more than 2, 000 participants in a single sitting.

Aside training and workshop, we have a whole lot of both digital and physical products in two key niches; digital marketing and career development; and we have more than 30 of such quality products that have helped graduates and undergraduates set up their own businesss, both online and offline, as well as secure gainful employment opportunities for those who are interested in the corporate 9-5 job.

During our trainings, students and lecturers have always been interested in helping to promote our products but we have NEVER considered it, as our products are ONLY sold by the company.

We however had a change of mind and decided to create a platform where our trainees and seminar particpants can start cashing in on marketing quality high in demand video trainings and resources as Affiliates.

while there are many affiliate platforms both local and international, cashing in on the international platforms have not been easy for many of our trainees due to so many barriers; receiving payments being one key issue; while the local affiliate platforms  are the next choice, some boasts of low quality digital materials.

so, we decided to create an affiliate platform where ONLY high quality digital products will be made available; most of them created by us, and tailored for easy understanding and result-oriented.

So, whether you are a trainee or not, you can now cash in on this platform and start promoting to your list, while earning 50% commission on every sale you make.

More quality products and software will keep on being added. while right now, we don’t have 100s of products, we are not interested in QUANTITY but QUALITY.

we value you too much to compromise on quality.

Learn From Industry Leaders

Affiliates will have access to quality products from seasoned pros in the business, and not some rehashed trainings.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Access to products will be hosted for you on secure sevrvers, and you will have FOREVER access to you can learn at your our pace.

Free Registration & Support

Registration is totally free at Affiliate Meets. We don't make money, UNTIL you make money; and we offer timely and SOLID support as well.