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Such a great timing in a world right now, we no longer talking about 4D, we might be no longer using any 3G mobile products, and we no longer have to use any cash or online currency any more. Because this is the beginning of the crypto world.

Cryptocurrency was around for couple of years and everyone was taking it as a pinch of salt. Now its a full bag of salt, or gold! Bitcoin has been gaining a lot of attention due to its blockchain technology and its public recognition.

And I’m about to share with you an amazing opportunity to not only grasp the power of blockchain, but other cryptocurrency as well such as IOTA (using Tangle), Ripple, Litecoin, Ether and more. Present you the powerful money making machine in the 21st century.

… This is a craze and in super high demand, while the supply is scarce. This is it! My friend..


Bag in some Cash During the Crypto Craze without having to write a single word.

Cryptocurrency is something I see as an opportunity to replace the financial market, not to mention its amazing technology of de-centralised payment, no more red tape, no more protocol, this is the time of crypto world.On 3rd March 2017, Bitcoin surpassed the price of Gold at $1,271 for the first time in its history


[Source: http://www.xxx.com]


[Source: http://www.xxx.com]

It reached its historical high so far at $3,015.54 after 3 months

There is a trend of Bitcoin..everyone is whispering about it, everyone is eager to get some cash from investing onto Bitcion.

This went on to produce millionaires like who xx…

Then as you know, Bitcoin and other mainstream Cryptos might seem to have crashed in 2018. It might looked “dead”? Or they were just resting for another bull ride??


[Source: http://www.xxx.com]

This is Your Time To Rise as an Crypto Expert and  Show them the Loopholes On Crypto Investment..

Bitcoin is just the beginning, there are other rising cryptocurrencies..

3 Reasons Why People are Buying Cruptocurrency Now..

Now I know what you might be thinking…

“Am I too late?”

There’s no such as things as never too late, we still live in the 3G world.

Short Answer: Cryptocurrency price might be unstable at this moment, but still underated and these currency will be staying for a very very long time.

To understand that, here are 3 main reasons why people buy or invest in Cryptocurrency:

Reason #1 - Hot and Still Burning Now

Bitcoin is making a huge stand in the financial markets now. If you had bought just $100 worth in 2010, you'd have coin worth $45.9 Million now. Of course, you must be banging your head why you didn't invest anything? That's not just all about bitcoin, there are other cryptocurrencies such as IOTA, Ripple, Litecoin and etc. that can make you a superstar, and my private label book will tell you how and why!

Reason #2 - Convenient

With all the amazing crypto wallets available now, you can literally store your cryptocurrency in your handphone or desktop. Its easy for you to pay to venders, because bitcoin started to be accepted as payment currency nowadays. With software or platform like Bitfinex, Binance, Blockchain Wallet, Electrum, and etc. available now, you can buy bitcoin easily with just few pushes or clicks.

Reason #3 - Hedge Against Financial Crisis or Bear Market

Stock market has been a big monopoly game for big rollers, they determine when increase or decrease stock price with easy buy-overs or big selloff. Huge certainties revolve around the financial world, you just can't compete with them. So why not give out 30% of your portfolio and pour into the crypto world? There're plenty of currency available for you!

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Crypto-Currency Loopholes

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We have interviewed alot of successful investors who have created a huge fortune from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency investments.

Lots of secrets and naked truths are well secured inside this book. Best of all, there is NOT YET any private label that is created based on cryptocurrency.

So you are getting the first move on selling this information, I mean, leaks that can lead you a good diversified investment portfolio in cryptocurrency.

What You Get In this Amazing Package

We basically done everything for you..

Component #1: High Quality Book with PLR

Crypto-Currency Loopholes


You get the 169-pages book “Cryptocurrency Loopholes” with Exclusive Private Label Rights!

Since the crypto has created a huge craze, we decided to hold on other projects and get this done ASAP because time is ticking, and we don’t want you to miss this amazing opportunities before anyone else does..

We have invested a lot of monies on interviewing a lot of investers, and bought a lot of paid podcasts that cost a fortune. Best of all, this book is not only about Bitcoin, it spills all potential market of other crypto currencies out there. Shh, there might be a potential bull ride for RPX and IOTA in 2025, keep it low..

The contents were done with the combined effort of my team and consulting investors who are making a fortune with the most exciting wealth creation vehicle the 21st century has to offer so far…

This is a book that you can use it directly for your own commercial purposes.

You get this book in PDF, Word, and ready-made WordPress post format that you can re-brand and re-title them as your own. Resell it as a book, or put them into your paid membership blog, you do whatever you want!

Holly molly, we have invested over $850 with exclusive interviews and hired professional writtings.

Component #2: Done For You Selling Materials

Sales Page & Thank You Page


We do it for you, because that’s what we have been for years. We are going to furnish you our proven converting and professionally written Sales Letter and Thank You Page.

What you need to do is to put your name and payment link, upload into your website host and let the page do the selling..

However, you might be thinking that other buyers might have the exact same page as yours. So we decided to put out several page formats for you in HTML5 that you can import into your own editing tools. And also JSON file format that you can import into your WordPress with Elementor Plugin (Free)..So just download, import and re-edit and modify the page with drap and drop editor..

Don’t know how to use Elementor Plugin (Free) to download and import JSON pages? Click here to watch our free tutorials in YouTube, we also teach you how to easily modify the whole god damn page with Elementor Free Plugin..

We have do A&B split tests on these pages’ designs on other product for 3 months sale to optimize the pages’ performance. In total we have pour in over $450 on ads and development fees.

Component #3: Animated Sales Video

Sales Letter Video & Transcript


Having the sales page is not enough to prompt people to buy. You need commercial a sales video to a stand.

This is where you can skyrocket your conversions with our provided sales video with native English accent. We know creating your own video sales letter is one of the toughest part of all funnels, so we do the heavy lifting for you!

If you wanted to speak in the video, no problem! You can have the transcript, a sales video format with native voice and another without any voice.

So you can have the choice to (or not to) record your own voice and put inside the video. We recommend to put in your voice because that’s where people recognize you as a professional in the crypto world

Firstly we crafted the sales flow, then hired After Effect developer  to create this sales video. We took over 2 months of repetitive revisions to complete. And we hired voice cast actor to do the voice. Its like worth of $3,950.

P.S. the voice cast actor fee is quite expensive though, its a waste if you don’t use it… 😀

Component #4: Step-By-Step Mindmap

Show You Bigger Picture


Having all the materials is hard for you to start. So we have developed a mind map for you to create your own money making sales funnel!

We have pulled out the great scheme from it. Just download them in the formats as listed above. You will be guided with baby steps and reference from a big mind map in Power Point files.

Component #5: Showcase Materials

Book Covers and Mockup


Having a nice 3D mockup rendered of the book cover is going increase your sales page conversion. So we are giving out the raw and rendered covers and graphics to you in 2D and 3D.

PSD files available for you to edit all the features, or you can use GIMP (free open source software) to put in your name, edit and change the colour as you please. Make a unique cover of yours!

We have spent over $200 on designing this cover. Of course we hired professional to design it with a lot of our creative inputs. Those 3D renders are amazing for sure!

Get all Lead Generation Tool with
This Amazing Package

From creating leads to generate sales, all start from scratch..

Component #6: Lead Generation or Bonuses Materials

19 Pages Crypto Blueprint


This an amazing blueprint comprises those behind the scenes materials gotten from our precious interviews and podcasts. We decided to compile them into a blueprint and give it to you!

Similar to the main book, you get full Private Label Rights to it, do whatever you wanted to do! For instance:

  1. Offer this as a bonus to make your offer an ultimate deal.
  2. Use this as a lead generation material, to build your leads (or email list). Creating a monetizing email list is important because this is where you show yourself as an expert!

This blueprint contents are still well comparable with the main book. The cost is basically has covered by our main production cost. Give or take, could be $150! Looking at the fact that it can help your achieve thousands of leads.

Component #7: Lead Page Made For You

Squeeze Page with Opt-In


People call them squeeze page. But we called them lead page, because this is the page that you will be generating thousands of leads.

You will get our proven lead page with opt-in form, this form is well compatible with AWeber, Getsresponse, MailChimp and MailPoet. We are sorry if you use other autoresponder software, but its not hard to copy and paste the html codes into provide slot!

Create leads is the first most important steps so start collecting leads with our proven lead page.

Of course, and we are very particular about it, especially on how they (pages) look like in smartphone. We have worked hard to work in details to make sure that these pages are super responsive and compatible, even the opt-in form itself will fit in nicely!

Component #8: Email Follow Ups

5 Email Templates

We have mentioned that building lead is important before making online sales. But I think I missed one big step in between, which is to follow up and educate your leads!

Your leads definitely longing for more valuable content and input from you, so we furnish you 6 follow up emails. So just put them into your autoresponder series, blast 1 follow up in interval of 1 or 2 days after they have joined your list.

This is to keep up with them, educate them, making them eager for more contents, then offer them the main product at the last email!

Don’t forget to put in your website or social network links in so they recognise you and are more likely to buy products (your product or affiliate product) from you

As a result from our effort and investment on creating the main book. We have gotten all the answers from our previous doubts and problems. So we decided to put them into email formats.

Because in order to sell a product, we need to create a problem statement or remind leads about the current issues, then we offer solutions, which is the main product. So that is the essense of email follow ups. They may look like bunch of words, but these words are very powerful!

Component #9: Private Label License

Certified By JBJT

Private Label Certificate

Upon purchase and registration in our record, you are entitled Master Resell Rights license, you can pass commercial rights to your customers too! . . . But the Main Private (Master Resell) Label Rights privilege still belong to you!

Yes, you can easily fake it too. But upon purchase, you will need to register to us with your details and payment ID, so we have your record. If there’s any conflict, please contact our email at the bottom right of the certificate, and we will validate for you! Certificate is just a paper, just like your graduation cert!

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You wouldn’t want to waste your time doing market research, negotiating with freelancers, hiring graphic and website designers and etc.

We make sure of one thing, that is you get the best selling tools and framework where you just need to “Plug and Play” to start earning thousands of dollars from private label rights!

You can consider outsourcing your product creation – but are you willing to spend thousands of dollars for it?

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