Let Me show You How To Earn MASSIVELY With Mini Importation!

Discover Hidden Secrets and Uncommon Strategies on How You Can Make More Money From Your Mini Importation Business RIGHT NOW And Skyrocket Both Your Online And Offline Sales Even If You Are A Complete Newbie.

Learn The UNIQUE and EXACT Ways Of How I PERSONALLY Make My Mini Importation Business Earn Me At Least N2.5Mil Monthly Using Simple Little Known Strategies Of Importing The Right Products ALWAYS, Using The Right Marketing Strategies On Social Media Platforms Like Facebook, Twitter And LinkedIn And The Best Local Shipping Strategies;

And How An Ordinarily Person Like You Can Start-Off With Little Capital And Expand Fast….Even If You Know Nothing About This Business!

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"The Right Way of Doing Mini Importation Business After the Covid-19 Pandemic If You Really Want To Make It Work For You!"

With the biting inflation and obvious recession in the economy, it will be foolish not to have at least two means of earning extra income.


Mini importation and ecommerce offer a safe, legit and lucrative way of earning that extra almost passive income anywhere in the world; even in a place like Nigeria.


The best thing about mini-importation is that ANYONE can do it, and very small capital is needed to get your mini-importation business started and get it into a multi-million-naira business.


The lockdown and pandemic saw many people going into mini importation and ecommerce more than ever before, especially in Nigeria and Ghana.




If mini-importation business is so lucrative and many people are going into it, why is it that NOT EVERYONE is making millions from it?


Good question!


The painful truth is that many people are totally ignorant or confused about this business and don’t know how to do it the Right Way.


After going through a cheap-assed WhatsApp class, or live train, many half-baked importers who learnt from half-baked self-acclaimed gurus go into the business with the dream of making millions of naira as they have been told they will…

Only to end up disappointed.

mini importation frustrations

They find out the hard and painful way that ecommerce and mini importation business is not just about:

Ecommerce and mini-importation is far more than all of the above.

When mini-importation is done the right way, it has the potential of making you a multimillionaire faster than any other business model available at present.

Yeah, I said it!


Why is it that most people that are into mini-importation or ecommerce are finding it really difficult to make sales online and offline, or are making very few sales?

mini importation issues

Problem #1They learnt from the wrong persons

With so many self-proclaimed ecommerce and mini-importation fake gurus parading around, one can easily get confused and get coached by the wrong person(s).

When that happens, you are in serious trouble.

Most of the Coaches teaching and training on mini-importation have NEVER made any serious income from the business other than selling coaching services and acting as procurement agents.

But because they have contacts of suppliers and logistics agents that they bought from other fake gurus, and they can set up a WeChat, Alipay and aliwang accounts, they become self-proclaimed gurus overnight.

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Problem #2:  Importing and selling the wrong products

There is nothing as bad as importing the wrong products when it comes to ecommerce and mini-importation business; and this is one major problem with many importers.


You don’t need to import what everyone is already selling and is saturated.


Just one GOOD product can turn you into a millionaire.

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Problem #3:  Targeting and selling to the wrong people

Many importers lose money, or fail to make good returns on their investments because they target and sell to the wrong customers.

Posting on your WhatsApp status and timeline, thereby targeting your friends is the most unprofessional way of marketing.

Sure, you might make a couple of sales, but nothing significant to take you to that 7-figure bracket.

When you target the right people that have the money to purchase your products, coupled with the right SALES FUNNEL and the right tools, you will skyrocket the sales of your products; no matter what you are selling.

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Who Is This Training Meant For?

Category #1

You are unemployed or under-employed and receiving peanuts as monthly salary.

Category #2

You are already into Mini Importation but making ZERO or very little sales.

Category #3

You are slaving away with an online or offline business that is making you work like a beggar with very little or no profit


If You Fall Under Any of The Categories Above, Then Rejoice As I Have Good News For You!

happy mini importation students

mini importation and ecommerce is the new gold rush.

you can be making millions from this business in the next few months.

Are you unemployed? 

Are you currently employed but earning peanuts as monthly salary?

Have you graduated and finished NYSC without any job to keep you going? 

Are you tired of your job because of poor salary, no savings, no better future ahead?

Are you an undergraduate in the university, polytechnic or any other tertiary institution and need a means of earning some extra income legitimately?

Have you been told that the ONLY way to earn money online or offline is either through Yahoo Yahoo or scamming other people?

Are you a housewife looking for a way to make money to support your husband while having time to take care of your kids and home?

You don’t need another WhatsApp class or webinar on mini importation business.

not Ever Again!

let me take you by the hand and show you how to make mini importation business work for you!

Introducing The…

Mini Importation Millionaire

Income Blueprint

the complete training and blueprint available right now that you  can use to take your ecommerce and mini importation business to the next level with guarantee of making massive sales.

mini importation millionaire income blueprint 2

The Mini Importation Millionaire Income Blueprint comes with everything you would need to succeed with your importation business whether your are just starting off, or you have been in the business before now.

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What You Will Get

when you enroll to this training today

here are some handpicked bonuses that will make this training even better


List Of Trusted Logistic / Delivery Agents In 36 States of Nigeria, Including FCT.

One of the greatest challenges Mini-Importers or those selling physical products have, is getting access to trustworthy and reliable delivery agents.

Even when few available delivery and logistics agent are available, it is either too expensive or they don’t cover all the states of the federation.

This resource materials parades the contacts of Reliable and trustworthy delivery and logistics agents in all the states of the federation as well as FCT, Abuja.

With this, you can deliver your products to any state in Nigeria with peace of mind; making your mini-importation business sweet.

(NGN 20,000 VALUE)


Handling & Preventing Facebook Account Ban Issues For Your BM and Ad Accounts

One of the most frightening problems of Mini Importers using Facebook for marketing their products is the challenge of having their ad accounts restricted or banned…or worse still, having their business manager account banned.

This video training holds you by the hand, and dissects everything relating to account issues, and how anyone selling physical products can make it work without having their accounts banned.

You also get to see what to do should you have your accounts banned or restricted in order to get it back.

This video on Facebook Ban Issues is worth even more than this course for so many people!

(NGN 50,00 VALUE)


Video Ads creation app – 1 yr access 

Video ads is a MUST when it comes to selling both digital and physical products on the various social media platform; especially in this era when video consumption has risen.

Adverts with videos has been verified to garner more clicks than plain ads.

The problem has always been that creating videos; good videos; takes skills and is expensive when contracted out.

This video software bonus solves this big problem as it enables anyone to pump out professional and converting videos in minutes.

With more than a 100 video templates that can be edited to your taste and brand, you have got a winner here when it comes to producing videos.

(NGN 45,000 VALUE)

Logo Software banner

Logo creation software

The logo is a very important part of a brand, and to make more sales and garner trust, you will need to work on your brand and build it.

The logo plays a key part of a brand, but not many can design logos using illustrator or photoshop; and if you decide to contract it out, it could be quite expensive.

The logo creature app solves this challenge.

The software can help create a logo with your branding and colors in minutes; without the work that comes with using Adobe packages.

(NGN 10,000 VALUE)

Customer Care Banner

support and follow up access

You are special to us……and I value you a lot.

Having trusted me, and bought into our program, we are not going to abandon. We will work with you until you succeed with your Mini Importation and ecommerce business.

With our SOLID support and follow up, you have no other choice than to succeed with this business.

(NGN 100,000 VALUE)



See what some of my past students are saying……..

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To Be Honest, i should be charging a minimum of N150, 000 for this training package and The Bonuses.

The training contains hidden gems and hardcore strategies that you wont find in any other training on mini importation……. for this price!

I am fully aware that most people wont have the means to pay N150k for this training package, even if they can fully see the value it offers.


I have put my years  of experience in both selling physical products imported from overseas as well as training successful students in seminars into this training. There is no way you will go wrong and not succeed with the content of this mini importation training.

…SO INSTEAD OF CHARGING OUR REGULAR PRICE OF 45,000, (Which I would have loved to sell it for) I’m practically giving it away…
For 15,000 Naira ( Insane discount)
(Yes, for Real!)

And if you’re Not 100% Satisfied… Neither Am I.​

I get it. I buy online materials too just like you. I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in an online product. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that you can get on google

 But I’m super proud of the products I create and I know anyone who buys them and implements the strategies will be thrilled with their purchase.

While I can’t guarantee that these strategies and training will make you a multi-millionaire in one week, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of everything you get inside. You won’t EVER need any other training on Mini Importation after this.

mini importation millionaire income blueprint

Total Value – 150,000 Naira

Regular Price – 45,000 Naira

Today’s Price = 15,000 Naira


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My name is Daniel Ogbeifun, I am the Founder of Affiliate Meets, and CEO at MegaRich Networks and Consults LTD, an agency that has trained more than 30, 000 students across more than 20 states of the federation; undergraduates, graduates in tertiary institutions as well as corp members and corporate bodies.

We train on empowering smart individuals on excelling business strategies, marketing and conversions, website design and funnels.

I have persoanlly been involved in training newbies and taking them to 7-figure income using solid income generating business like Mini Importation.


In the past 10 years, I’ve learned exactly what it takes to design converting business funnels, as well as methods and techniques to build your Mini Importation business from scratch to a multi-million empire and brand that not only skyrocket conversions but also make your brand stand out.

And if there is one thing I have learned from training clients, it is that you need an experienced coach / tutor who knows what the business is all about and is willing to take you by the hand to achieve success.


The Mini Importation Millionaire Income Blueprint contains the EXACT methods and strategies I use and have been using to build my Mini Import Business for the past 10yrs; and I still use these same methods and strategies.

If you want a method and strategies that works without all the HYPES, then you NEED this training.


Here’s the catch: The price listed above is just going to stay for a short time. 

So after roughly first 500 purchases, the price will increase at least 100%

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who wants to sell more of their physical products, or just starting out with mini importation and is interested in doing it for mx profits needs this training.

This training is the real deal when it comes to making it work out with mini importation or selling physical products.

For "The Main Training" : You will be sent login details with a link to register to our platform delivered to the email used when making purchases. Register and create account, and you can download the videos to watch offline.

For "Bonus Video Creation App" : You will be given 12-months access to use the app; UNLIMITED USAGE. All access to apps will be manually created for you, and you will have your own dashboard. After the 12 months, you will have the option of purchasing the app if you so wish.

But we are so confident that you would have made so much monies that paying a token to own the app won't be an issue.

All other resources and materials can be found in the membership backend.

Please, you will need to give us sometime to activate your account for FULL access as we monitor ALL purchases. Make sure you use SAME emails for purchases to SIGN UP for access.

Most certainly, you can purchase anytime as long as the product is in the marketplace.

However, the BONUSES and discount code might not be available, and the price would have increased significantly.

The best would be to get this package now.

That's a good one, however, this course is far more than just buying from 1688, Aliexpress or any of the ecommerce websites..

This is a topnotch training that shows you how to take your mini import business to the 7 - Figure bracket pretty fast.

This training comes tested strategies and it should work as long as you take positive action on what is taught.

However, we still have a 30 Day Money back guarantee in place, so you can buy with confidence. You have nothing to lose.

For more inquiries, you can reach out:

Email - info@megarichconsults.com OR admin@affiliatemeets.com

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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